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SECS Communication Driver ( SEMI Standards E4, E5, E30 & E37.1 )
X-PORT is a SECS/GEM software driver that can be configured to add full SECS/GEM capabilities to an equipment. It is designed to run quietly in the background while maintaining full SECS logging for the purposes of traceability. X-PORT’s behaviour is controlled by XML-based configuration files through the selection of specific SECS/GEM functionalities to be implemented, definition of associated variables, alarms, terminals and parameters, linking of variables to reports and linking of reports to events. Deploying the configured GEM-compliant equipment is then simply a matter of feeding appropriate data into the variables defined in X-PORT (via API calls provided in the .NET GEM control) for communication with the host computer.
Product Features


  • Advanced Technologies ( .NET & XML )
  • Support SECS-I & HSMS Protocol
  • Always Fundamentally GEM Compliant
  • Built-in Additional GEM Capabilities
  • Configurable SECS / GEM Variables
  • Programmable SECS Messages
  • Tight Integration via .NET Control
  • Superb SECS Messaging Throughput
  • Full SECS Logging and Traceability

Product Specification

  • Windows XP Professional with .NET 2.0 ; 512MB RAM (minimum)
  • Windows 7 Professional ; 2GB RAM (minimum)
  • Windows 8 & 10 Professional (32 & 64 bit) with .NET 3.5 ; 4GB RAM (minimum)

X-CHANGE adheres to specifications for data-items and communication-protocol-parameters in the following standards:

  • SEMI E4 : SEMI Equipment Communications Standards 1 Message Transfer (SECS-I)
  • SEMI E37.1 : High-speed SECS Message Service Single Selected-Session Mode (HSMS-SS)
  • SEMI E5 : SEMI Equipment Communications Standards 2 Message Content (SECS-II)
  • SEMI E30 : Generic Model for Communications and Control of Manufacturing Equipment (GEM)
  • SECS-I or HSMS communication protocol
  • Fundamental GEM scenarios
  • Status Variables (SV) ; Equipment Constants (EC) ; Discrete Variable Values (DVVAL)
  • Collection Events ; Reports
  • Alarms ; Spooling ; Terminal Services ; Trace Management
  • Process Program Management ; Remote Control (Remote Commands)
  • Limit Monitoring (with some additional programming)
  • Non-GEM Stream Functions
  • Programming of a .NET user application (on the same PC that X-PORT is installed)
  • Handling of SECS Messages for  .NET Callback Event (covering Communication/Control Statuses) & Terminal Messages & Remote Commands from Host
  • Feeding of equipment data to X-PORT via API calls such as SetSV(), SetEC() and SetDV()

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