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What is SECS/GEM?

Developed by SEMI, the international organisation of semiconductor manufacturers governing the standard for semiconductor manufacturing, SECS (SEMI Equipment Communications Standard)/GEM (Generic Equipment Model) is the main communication protocol used in automation for semiconductor and electronics industries. It provides a communication interface between types of equipment and host systems.

The SECS/GEM standards enable host systems and equipment to communicate in a standard and consistent manner. The SECS/GEM standards are used to define communication between automated equipment and the host’s factory network, enabling Smart Factory Manufacturing.

Unlike other communication protocols like PLC, it enables equipment from a variety of vendors to communicate using standard and consistent protocols with various types of Host systems.

How Does SECS/GEM Work?

In an automated semiconductor fabrication plant, the SECS/GEM communication interface can start and stop equipment processing, collect measurement data, change variables and select recipes for products.

Most equipment in semiconductor (front end and back end), surface mount technology, electronics assembly, photovoltaic, flat panel display and other manufacturing industries worldwide require a SECS/GEM interface on the manufacturing equipment so that the factory host software can communicate with the machine for effective monitoring and controlling purposes. 

Why Choose XYSoft's SECS/GEM?

Through years of software reiteration and development, we have created a line of SECS/GEM protocols that have gained the recognition of many machine makers due to its extensive ability to:

  • Smoothly integrate GEM-compliant equipment with host systems through the SECS/GEM software to establish communication with the equipment’s interface
  • Import and export large amounts of data, streamlining the data collection process and eliminating the need for data re-entry
  • Run in the background without disruptions to operations while maintaining full SECS logging for the purposes of traceability
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